Just take them back, I beg of you!

I had signed up for a special deal the other day with a local printing repair to print up signs and posters for the office I regularly task in. And I miscalculated how many signs and posters I was really going to end up needing. It turned out I only needed about half of what I first signed up for. I had to see what I could do to task something out with the business to where I did not have to spend our money for the extra half of signs and posters. Thankfully, I can report that they were not printed yet or there would have been literally nothing I could have done. Since the signs and posters were not printed yet and at this point, it was shortly after the initial order, I told them I simply didn’t need the massive deal anymore that I signed up for and if they could please just try to understand and refund myself and others the difference. Actually, it was just refunding the corporation, which I represent for these services. Because the person in charge at the printing services had this event happen to them personally in the past, they finally broke their rule of once the deal was paid for, there was no turning back. He was a genuinely nice guy and understood obviously, about human error and miscalculating the need of a certain large amount of signs and posters! I was so delighted about this. Because I first thought I was going to be in trouble with the management at our work I was so grateful to him. I’d have bought him dinner right then if I could have.



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