Yesterday, I banged my head when I was cleaning the furnace ducts

Yesterday, I was down in the basement furnace room and I got the bright idea that I was going to clean all of our furnace ducts while I was down there.

I didn’t want to have my HVAC ductwork professionally cleaned because I didn’t want to spend the money and have a big heating and cooling repair bill for the month.

I guess now I know where being cheap about my HVAC system will get me. It will end up with me paying a hospital bill instead of a heating and cooling bill! See, when I was trying to clean up my furnace and air ducts that are installed in the basement ceiling, I ended up tripping on the ladder and falling and whacking my head on the floor. Not only did my HVAC system not get clean, but my heating and cooling air ducts did not get vacuumed out and I ended up having to leave all the air register covers off because I had to go to the doctor to see if I had a concussion or not! It was a ridiculous situation. I felt really dumb about falling when I was trying to vacuum out the air ducts. I didn’t even tell the doctor at the emergency room how I had hit my head because I was embarrassed about the whole thing. From now on, I have decided that if I ever need any HVAC work or HVAC maintenance done at my house, I am just going to break down and call my local heating and cooling company to come and do it. Saving a little extra money on my heating and cooling bills is just not worth the time, effort, and hospital bills!

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