Why was the air conditioner invented?

The air conditioner is one of the best inventions that was ever invented.

The other day, I was sitting in my kitchen enjoying the cool air blowing from the central air conditioner.

I really appreciate my air conditioner, and I always try to imagine living my entire life without an air conditioner. The whole thing made me wonder when the first air conditioner was invented. I imagined that it would be sometime during my grandfather’s day, but I had no clue. I decided to research the air conditioner, and what I found completely surprised me. Did you know that the first air conditioner was invented in 1902? In fact, a well-known HVAC manufacturing company was named after the man who invented the first air conditioner. His name was William Carrier. When the first air conditioner was created, he did not have human comfort in mind. William Carrier worked in a printing press, and his boss asked him to invent a device that would be able to control humidity in the printing press. The first air conditioner was made as a way to control humidity, and the device made to do it was huge! The device was successful in controlling humidity, but a side effect of this process also caused the air to get colder. Realizing the potential of his invention, William started a company and began developing air conditioners that could be used in companies, and eventually, buildings. Eventually, they developed air conditioners that could be used in homes, and they even invented air conditioners that could be used to cool a room. That air conditioner looks very similar to the window air conditioners that we have today.

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