Well, that didn’t go as planned

There are so many things that go into being a good parent.

  • I was never taught this before I actually had kids of my own, but oh lord did I find out fast.

As my kids have grown up, they have all formed their own unique personalities and quirks. My youngest is an athletic type that is always out playing with friends or at a sports camp, while my other tends to stay around the house. Whenever my more athletic child comes home from activities she always likes to turn the air conditioning system to its highest setting, which always drives my other child crazy. Ever since they could walk they would argue about who would be able to set the thermostat for the air conditioning unit and they would never do it in a gentle manner. After years of this I finally thought I had the perfect solution that would bring all of the arguments to an end for once and for all. To start, I ended up having the only thermostat in the house to control the air conditioning unit in my room. I thought that this would make it so they could each come to be in a calm manner if they wanted the temperature changed, but instead it led to them sneaking into my room and arguing at an even higher rate. I guess I should have seen this coming with two very crafty teenagers, and now I am on the hunt for another way to put an end to the fighting over the air conditioning settings.

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