They thought I would do much better

Over the course of my life I have been able to try out a variety of career paths.

  • While most people tend to go to college and finish up with a job in mind I never could quite figure out what I wanted to do, or what I was good at for that matter.

One of the first career paths that I tried out was working as a certified HVAC repair tech. I had never been much of a handyman in all honesty no matter what the problem was, but thanks to a connection I had with a guy who was already working down at the HVAC repair company I was able to join the team on an apprenticeship. For nearly five weeks they paired me up with one of the veterans having this man do everything in his power to show me the ropes on what it took to become a successful HVAC repair tech, and as each day passed, I grew more and more miserable. Eventually it got to a point where the manager at the company had to break the news to me that he could no longer have one of his men teach me every day if I wasn’t making any progress and my potential career path came to a close. Things have gone more or less the same in the three other career paths that I have given a shot, but I think that eventually things will turn in my favor. There has to be at least one job that I will excel at in life and I am determined to find it!

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