The Answer Ended Up Being Ductless HVAC

I often get quite overwhelmed and torn down by big changes in my life. I wish I was one of those people who is able to compartmentalize just every aspect of their lives. It normally takes me a good bit of time to get used to big changes. It must be the structure that I gravitate to. Having a sense of control is probably what helps me feel at ease. Like, I really love knowing for a fact that when I return home after work, the house will be at 74 degrees thanks to our HVAC unit. It seems like a totally insignificant detail but to me it is another detail that is comforting. But, I am currently facing a really big life change. My youngest is leaving the nest and heading out on her own. That is tough enough given how much I loved raising my family. However, there is even more. My wife and I decided that since we have an empty nest, lets just sell the house as well. The two together are combining for a bit of a head spin. We bought a new house. The house is awesome and will perfectly fit our plans. The HVAC system was old and out of date so, we negotiated down the price based on this. But, we thought we would be able to get at least another year out of the thing. Just months after we moved in, the heating and cooling system quit for good. So, we were faced with replacing the HVAC much sooner than we had planned. We wanted to go a new way. Our choice for HVAC ended up being a series of ductless HVAC units throughout the house. This is a change I am learning to love.

Cooling representative