That Temperature Gun Shone a Light on HVAC Waste

I’m just not the latest gadget buying sort of guy.

That just hasn’t ever been me.

Don’t get me wrong, I rely on technology as much as everyone else in this country. I have my phone, internet and multiple computers. It would be very hard to thrive in this society without them. However, I have never been that person who just can’t wait to get their hands on the next fancy gadget. I have buddies who are slavishly devoted to whatever the cool new electric gizmo is. Me, I like coming home and putting my feet up in the HVAC comfort of my home. I just don’t make time for keeping up on the latest trends and tech stuff. Like I said, my buddies do and one of them just saved me a bunch of money. The winter is creeping ever closer and I was whining to a friend of mine about the costs of heating our home. He was a bit stunned by our monthly HVAC expenditures. So, he ran home to pick up one of his gadgets that he swore would help save me a bunch of money. He brought back a temperature gun. I was confused. However, it didn’t take but a second to realize his train of thought once he got going. We started walking around the house and pointing the temp gun at the exterior of my home. I was stunned to see so many spots that were leaking HVAC treated air. I marked the spots. Within the month, I was able to seal or insulate all the areas where the HVAC was pouring out. The monthly utility bill is a fraction of what it once was thanks to some electronic gizmo.


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