Teaching Kids Who are too Hot is No Fun

I used to be an educator a long time ago.

I have long since found an uncommon job, however I still remember those teaching days as if they were just the other day.

I remember one time when the a/c stopped now working in the classroom. I was teaching in a foreign country, and it was so darn hot there. There was no central a/c, so each classroom relied on a small window a/c that worked with electricity. In the middle of teaching our minute class for the morning, the a/c decided to stop now working, and I began to panic. The electricity had gone out, and with it, the a/c stopped now working, however without some cool air, our students were getting sweaty, and they would start to complain. The class I was teaching would be hastily forgotten in the worry over the cool refreshing air conditioning. I expected the school to cancel the rest of the school morning because of the lack of a/c, but an announcement came over the intercom announcing that classes would go on until further notice. Without the a/c, I told all of our students to make paper fans until they dismissed the class. Two more hours passed until the school released the kids. I don’t suppose how long it will take until we can get the a/c now working again, however I really pray that the school doesn’t decide to try another morning without a/c. It was miserable.


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