Space Heater Made in China is Not a Good Idea

I feel so stupid because I almost completely burned down our beach house because of a stupid gas furnace.

  • I should have considered that the space furnace was going to cause a difficulty.

My first mistake was purchasing the least expensive space furnace that currency could buy. For under $50, I got an electric space furnace to put in our home. I have a drafty house, and I use the space furnace in our home office at night because I get chilled easily at night. Even though this space furnace was marketed as safe, I was honestly concerned that the power cord on the space furnace looked a little less substantial than I preferred. The space furnace claimed to be safe. This space furnace was the radiating genre of space furnace that was filled with oil. The space furnace didn’t feel terribly hot to the touch, but it could warm up a room as a supplementary heater. However, the furnace did come with a high setting, but the directions warned that you shouldn’t turn it to the warmest setting on the space furnace while we were in the night or while you were not going to be there to supervise. Well, I only wanted to use the space furnace at night, and I was confident that the safety settings on the space furnace would keep us safe. Sadly, that was not the case. A few months after plugging our space furnace in for the first time, the power cord on the space furnace started to fray. The safety settings didn’t shut the heating plan off, and it was the stench of the smoke on the burning carpet that woke me up before the house caught on fire. Next time, I will find a safer space furnace with a better cord.

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