She Still Deserves Good HVAC Comfort

The are so many different times in life where I could have certainly been a bit better.

It’s just the truth and nothing to feel weird about. But, I still remember some of my most egregious mistakes in order to keep improving how I handle things. I have to say that many times that I have let myself down it was not what I did that bothered me. No, it was more about the fact that I didn’t do anything in those cases. It’s one thing to fail when you are being decisive. It’s quite another when you just fail to react at all. A recent HVAC situation clearly exemplifies that essential difference. My wife and I sort of look after her mom. She lives in a small cottage only about a 10 minute drive away. Her husband, my wife’s father, has only been gone for about 2 years and she is still adjusting. My relationship with my mother in law is a bit distant as she is not a very easy person to deal with. However, it doesn’t matter because she is family. I will do whatever I can to support my wife when it comes to my mother in law. The HVAC went out in her little cottage and she didn’t have enough money to replace it. My wife and I are teachers who have kids in college so, we don’t exactly have a ton of money in our savings. But, my wife’s brother is rich by any standard out there. I nearly took to the sidelines when he refused my wife’s plea for help. But, instead of doing nothing, I too stated our case for some financial assistance for the HVAC. We still had to buy it on credit but, at least I stood up.


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