Seasonal HVAC Maintenance, Join The Club

There are certainly times where I feel as though I am enduring one long add on sale after another.

  • It seems like it’s just not enough that I purchase what I want.

No, the salespeople keep driving to burn the rest of the money in my pocket. I am constantly being haggled to add more services or warranties on the things that I buy. Enough already. Recently, I answered the phone at home. Yes, we still have a land line. It was the lady from our HVAC company calling to confirm the upcoming seasonal HVAC maintenance. I confirmed the appointment and was about to hang up when this nice lady started selling me on joining the HVAC maintenance club for a flat fee. I understand what she is doing. We have always been a bit hit and miss with our HVAC preventive maintenance. If I had to guess, I would say that we get the HVAC system service about once a year. It’s not that we don’t believe in it or don’t want to spend the money. It’s more about missing appointments and not rescheduling. My immediate reaction to the HVAC lady asking me to again to join the HVAC maintenance program was to ignore and say no thank you. It took me about an hour to check myself. Then, I got to thinking that joining the HVAC maintenance program would be good for our HVAC system. They would have a key to our house and we could confirm over email or text but, I wouldn’t have to be there. Plus, there were incentives like there would be not service fee if something went wrong with the HVAC. But mainly, I wanted to be sure that the HVAC was getting professionally serviced twice a year. I called her back and joined right up.


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