Our getaway was ruined because of AC troubles

My spouse and I go on one getaway per year together, i know that the two of us are honestly blessed to be able to do that because I know several people that don’t go on getaway at all, however every one of us usually go for about a month and a half, my spouse and I spend most of the year saving up for and planning our getaway.

My spouse is the sweetest, and he usually saves up money that I don’t know about just to take myself and others on an all-day shopping trip on one of the afternoons that the two of us are on getaway.

Every one of us booked a nice resort to stay at this past year, however our trip did not turn out and the two of us had hoped it would. Every one of us had problems with our air conditioner the whole time that the two of us were there. It was an luxurious resort, and by the time the two of us figured out that there was something wrong with the air conditioner, it was too late to get a refund for our room; The employees that the two of us spoke to about it were seriously kind, and they were trying everything that they could to get our air conditioner fixed. It was the owner of the resort that was giving them trouble, and he did not want to pay for an Heating and Air Conditioning dealer to come in and repair it. Instead, he sent someone who had no system what they were doing to try and repair it. Every one of us ended up having a moderate room for most of the getaway, however the two of us tried not to let that spoil our fun too much. The air conditioner was never fixed in that room because I have seen so several reviews about the air conditioner being broken in that room to this day.



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