New Start Deserves New HVAC

My lovely wife and I are actually making it happen.

We are taking some pretty bold steps by opening our very own business.

There has been a great deal of discussion and planning before we put our plans into motion. It wasn’t easy but it certainly is thrilling. Out of our HVAC controlled corporate offices and into a whole new chapter. We have both been hospitality professionals for our entire careers. While our career focus has been within different hotel disciplines, our joining forces was simply a no brainer. We enjoyed our time in the corporate hotel game. However, we like the idea of being able to direct our own career trajectory. Plus, the hotel business had changed dramatically. There was so much less focus on hospitality and so much more focus on skewed negative feedback. My wife and I wanted to be able to bring the focus back to the guest. We decided to do this by becoming hotel consultants who bring training and guest service strategies to the fore. Our first step was to find an office. After some initial forays into renting space, it became evident that it would be much more cost effective and less complicated if we ran our company out of our home. So, we cleared out our guest room and got to turning it into our shared office. We also called the HVAC folks to install a mini split HVAC unit so we could control the heating and cooling separately from the rest of the house. It worked out really well as we both prefer to work in a cooler environment.

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