My Kids Learn the Hard Way By Touching Heater

I am the parent of two little kids, and this toddler is the first child that I have ever had.

I will admit I don’t know what I am doing, and I am honestly concerned that by the time that I am done with this kid, he is going to need therapy.

One thing that I do as a parent is to teach our boys not to do things that can hurt them! Some parents protect their boys and never let them have any consequences, however I have an uncommon philosophy. I have come to realize that seeing what will happen is a much better professor. I have a propane wall furnace in our beach house that serves as our heater. My gas furnace stopped working a long time ago, and since our beach house is in no way considered large, I am able to use this one heating plan to keep our entire beach house warm. The only difficulty I am encountering is that our kids are consistently wanting to poke their fingers into this gas furnace. The actual flame in the heating plan is covered by a glass pane and a metal grate, but the frame of the heating plan still gets pretty darn hot and might cause a mild burn on your hand, and I have been trying to keep our kids from touching the gas furnace. Every time that I tell the little rug rats to stay away from the gas furnace, they become even more determined to try to touch it. I told him that the heating plan will hurt them a lot, but they don’t seem to get it. One morning, the younger one grabbed it and burned his pinky and thumb. I felt disappointed for him, even though he hasn’t touched the heating plan ever since that day, and the burn healed quickly!
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