it's too hot in here

I have finally learned my lesson that a properly serviced oil furnace is essential for a good winter! Last fall, unfortunately I was loaded with tasks both at my business as well as around my house and I completely forgot.

  • I was preparing for Winter time so I put my air conditioner system away in the attic as well as turned my oil furnace on to make sure it actually worked, however I didn’t stop to consider that I needed to thoroughly check the oil furnace to make sure it was definitely working regularly before I use it everyday.

I turned the temperature control up pretty high as well as completely forgot to turn the oil furnace off before I left for work. I came back to the condo to a hot, smoke filled house. I ran to my basement where my traditional oil furnace was, stumbling through the billows of smoke. Luckily, there was no massive destructive fire outside of my oil furnace, however the smoke was clearly evidence something was wrong inside the oil furnace. I ran back upstairs from the basement as well as turned off the oil furnace with the temperature control as well as rapidly opened all my windows. Fortunately, I left the window open that had previously had housed my air conditioner in it so that room was already aired out, however everything else located in my condo was covered in smoke because of the massive oil furnace. My air conditioner helped bring my condo to a comfortable temperature one again as well as the smoke cleared swiftly. Now every fall I have an official Heating as well as Air Conditioning professional look over my oil furnace before I start it for the first time.

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