It’s a Heat Pump Kingdom, We Just Live In It

I think anyone who lives where it gets really hot knows that sound.

I’m talking about the universal language of HVAC in the summertime.

The sound I’m talking about is the one you hear while walking to your car. It is the voice of many heat pumps whirling and working to lower the temperature or yours and your neighbors homes. Living where the heat stays near triple digits for nearly 4 months, that sound is instantly recognizable. Actually, if you listen just right, that sound can be somewhat hypnotic. The heat pump is by far the most popular heating and cooling device in our region. And it should be when you consider the sheer efficiency and versatility of this masterpiece of technology. This piece of HVAC equipment just keeps getting better with every passing year. I just replaced my 17 year old heat pump. It was still running but, I knew that it was on the decline. The old heat pump just couldn’t quite meet demand and service calls were being needed far to frequently. I could have gotten another couple of years out of the old unit, maybe. Instead, I decided to invest in the latest heat pump technology. The SEER rating on this new HVAC unit is more than twice what the old one was. This means that we will be paying far less for our HVAC comfort. Plus, the new heat pump also uses an eco friendly refrigerant which makes me very happy. Believe it or not, the heat pump will also be heating my hot tub this winter! I can’t imagine life without the king of HVAC, the mighty heat pump.


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