I’ll Miss The Old HVAC System But, Time For an Upgrade

It seems a bit, shall we say, eccentric that I am going to actually miss our old HVAC system when it gets replaced tomorrow.

It is just parts that work in concert to heat and cool my home.

It is not, in fact, a child leaving for college or a family pet that has to be put down. No, it’s just a machine. However, that machine has cooled and heated my family since we first moved into this house. It was our first house and where we started our family. I guess it just means something to me. That piece of HVAC equipment has delivered exceptional and reliable performance for 20 years now. It’s longevity is certainly a testament to good design. We helped by being sure that the HVAC unit was professionally serviced twice per year. It’s just really weird to think that it is going to be junked and recycled. I like the idea of it being recycled but, I am sorta sad that it has to be junked. My wife and I spent the last few months working with an HVAC contractor to be sure that we got the HVAC replacement that we wanted. The HVAC contractor was instrumental in our ability to find exactly what we wanted. The new system is due to be installed tomorrow. During the inspection yesterday, I was almost hoping that the HVAC tech would declare that our old HVAC was just fine after all. Like something overlooked was put back into place so that fine machine could keep working for us. Alas, not so much. I will bid farewell to our old HVAC tomorrow and welcome the new and improved version to our family.


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