I Love Our Professional HVAC Technician

I had a feeling that what I had been worrying about was near to be coming real.

This caused me to feel a sort of weird stress and relief at the same time.

Our HVAC tech showed me that our HVAC was failing. And, that was almost 2 years ago. The HVAC tech stated that we should start planning a replacement plan for our heating and cooling system. Our HVAC unit was nearly 20 years old so, this seemed pretty logical to me. We started out saving and doing our research for choosing a new HVAC unit. Then, life just happened and the replacement of our HVAC sort of fell off the radar. Now, we have a completely toasted HVAC unit. As soon as we woke up, we both knew that the HVAC was done. The air was thick and about 80 degrees. We called the HVAC folks. They sent out our beloved heating and cooling pro who quickly confirmed that there was no more fixing that old HVAC. He called up the HVAC contractor at their office to come out to help us. That guy was a real spirit lifter. Between him and our normal HVAC tech, we felt suddenly at ease with our situation. It only took a few hours of inspection and discussion for us to settle on an HVAC unit. We were able to find a model that had the things we wanted but at a price we could manage. The HVAC contractor even worked out terms that were totally agreeable. This would have been such a much more difficult situation had we not had the professional and caring people at our HVAC dealer.
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