I invested in an HVAC company, and it made me rich

One of the best decisions that I have ever made was investing in the HVAC company that my friend decided to start.

I remember when my friend approached me about the business plan that he had.

He was an HVAC technician from a different town, and he wanted to come to my town to start his own HVAC company. The only trouble was that he didn’t have enough money to start the business. He agreed to invest half of the money if I could do the other half. I had some savings at that point, and I decided to invest in the HVAC company. Since there wasn’t a lot of competition in our town, I figured that this HVAC company would probably grow quickly. Even if the HVAC company didn’t become a huge national chain, I would probably make my money back from this HVAC company with a few extra dollars to boot. I gave my friend the money, and I have owned half of this HVAC company since my friend started it. For a long time, he was the only HVAC technician, and we were meeting up all of the time to discuss advertising, which was my strength. Now, after nearly twenty years, the HVAC company is the largest one in our country. We also have other branches located in other cities across the state. What started out as only a couple thousand dollars has made me a multi-millionaire. Investing in an HVAC company like I did make me richer than I could have ever imagined, and I can now retire even at a young age.

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