I blew all of my savings on a poor investment, and now, I am stuck

I had enough money to replace my broken central air conditioner, but now, I have no money. I knew that my central air conditioner was going to stop working eventually. When I bought this house, the HVAC technician that I paid to inspect the HVAC units told me that the central air conditioner only had about 5 more years of life in it before I would need to have it replaced. For 2 years, I worked overtime and saved all of the money that I would need for a new central air conditioner. I didn’t want to risk the central air conditioner breaking down after only a couple of years, and now, I didn’t have to worry about it. However, when my friend told me that he was starting a new company and asked me to invest in it, I was intrigued. He was sure that I could double my money before I needed a new central air conditioner, and he convinced me that the plan would work. Well, te business failed, but it wasn’t really his fault. After starting the company, someone sued him for a dumb reason, and he went bankrupt paying the lawyers. All of the money that I had saved for the air conditioner was gone, and that was only a few months before the central air conditioner suddenly stopped working. Now, I have no money and a broken air conditioner. At least it wasn’t my heating system that needed to be replaced. Now, I will have to go a few summers without an air conditioner.

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