grandma and grandpa had it all figured out

Heated floors are the way to go for your home, and let me tell you exactly why.

Growing up I remember going to my Grandparent’s condo very often as well as feeling the heated floor on my bare feet.

In the middle of summertime my Grandparents would keep their air conditioners on high however at the same time they would keep the heated floor on as well. While an air conditioner unit as well as heated floor on at the same time sounds very much like a contradiction as well as a waste of money, it was definitely always very nice. I never prefer to have cold feet even in the summertime. I would regularly come in my Grandparents loft as well as recognize the feeling of refreshing cooling air of the air conditioner on my face yet my bare little feet would never get cold because the heated floor. Even more than in the summer, a heated floor is good to have in the winter. While clearly we have always had a good oil furnace in our home, our traditional oil furnace never was able to keep our floors warm, however I can tell you that if we had radiant floors my feet would never be cold. My family invested in radiant floors. It is wonderful! Now we would have our air conditioners running, yet still keep the heated floor on.



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