Ancient air conditioners existed

I have heard a lot of people telling me that we are weak in our society today because of our dependence on air conditioners and other technology like it. People complain that just a hundred years ago, our forefathers didn’t need air conditioners to stay busy and work hard. First of all, the first air conditioners were developed more than a hundred years ago, but I understand their argument. However, it should be stated that before the actual air conditioner that ran on electricity, people have still been discovering ways to stay cool during the summer. Without air conditioners, people had to become creative to figure out how to stay cool during the warm weather. One common way to fight the heat without an air conditioner has been to migrate south during the winter and north during the summer. The natural changes in the temperature helped keep people comfortable long before HVAC units were developed. People also knew how to build houses so that they could utilize natural cooling without need a central air conditioner. In ancient cities, people learned control temperatures, and they even learned how to make ice in the desert without any refrigerator. In ancient Rome, the wealthy would pipe water through their house to cool down the rooms in an ancient form of air conditioning. Just because we invented a device that we called an air conditioner didn’t mean that people before us were too dumb to be able to keep themselves cool during a hot summer. The air conditioner was just a new form of an idea that has been around for a while, and the air conditioner doesn’t make us any weaker than the water pipes made the Romans weak.


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