a long haul

I just got back from a very long cross country road trip that I did over the holiday season to visit relatives out of state, however you see, I am from the north and I have now lived in the south because of labor related things for the past almost decade, and this road trip was quite tiring, however it was very cheaper than flying a zillion places paying for airfare, and well, let me tell you…it ended up not being so cheap in the end because our darn central HVAC method in our vehicle broke down on the way home! Because the weather was quite cold, I had to find a mechanic’s garage along the way and get the central HVAC method in our vehicle fixed! This very delayed me a whole afternoon in getting beach house as well! Because I had to stop an extra evening and stay at 1 more hotel while our central HVAC method was getting fixed in our car! Between the hotel stay and the cost of the central HVAC method repair in our car, this trip ended up costing me nearly as much as it would have had I just flown on a plane instead of doing this tiresome cross country road trip! As a matter of fact, I guess it may have costed even slightly more because of the central HVAC repair and the extra evening at the hotel combined! If I ever did this again, I will have a tune up of our central HVAC method in our vehicle first.

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