Our baby seems to be fascinated with the Heating and A/C system

Our baby is so awesome! She was holding her head up as soon as she was born, then most babies don’t have enough muscles in their necks to do that, however this has been the case with all our children. She l acquired how to crawl recently and she trips myself and others out! The thing that is honestly cool is that she honestly loves the Heating and A/C vents. She honestly enjoys the cooling air that comes from the Heating and A/C vents the most, and everytime the cooling system plan engages, she crawls over honestly fast to get to the Heating and A/C vent and just relaxes with the cooling system hitting her in the face. We consistently keep our HVAC duct clean also by getting proper HVAC duct cleaning once per year, so we suppose everything is nice and clean. We also made sure to install a whole-condo air purification system before she was born so that the air quality would be excellent. We didn’t want any kind of problems with dust sensitivities or anything love that. I do wonder if she’s going to be the same way when we are cranking the heating plan in the Winter weeks. She particularly will head right over to the Heating and A/C vents just as she loves to right now. She’s consistently smiling and laughing every single time the Heating and A/C plan engages. I suppose this might be a sign that she will be an Heating and A/C professional 1 of these afternoons, considering her total fascination with the Heating and A/C system. I suppose I’m going to get her some toys, love toy tools and toy Heating and A/C parts so that she can pretend to work on Heating and A/C systems.



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