My original goal was of being a pro athlete

I originally dreamed of a far away life, the life of being an athlete.

As a child, I would picture myself running a long track race, being in the lead plus and then winning a race.

A golden medal would then be located around my neck, plus the crowd would cheer plus erupt in applause, in addition to my name being chanted by hundreds… Yep I was a dreamer, but there were a lot of things to being a pro athlete that I could not have predicted at such a young age. I tried doing high school track team for awhile, plus I grew to hate, but what I had originally thought would be the perfect life, turned out to be the perfect nightmare. My first complaint was the heat. When I was very young, running plus jumping around caused covered in sweat, but it was at a minimum. Now I sweat hard every race, plus I suddenly became weary of sitting in front of my cooling system plan for practically hours just to stay cool. I always had my A/C cranked up as far as it would go, because I was always dripping in sweat. My other complaint, is that in order to stay fit, I had to eat a lot of salads plus other not so wonderful meals. I, like all the people, like to eat plus eating so many salads all the time suddenly became a problem. So, due to these issues plus more, I gave up on being an athlete plus plopped in front of my cable screen, with spicy chicken wings plus my cooling system at my side. Now it’s time to decide on a better task, preferably something that involves cooling

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