Making my own map from the comfort of home

With our technological era, all people now use GPS plus online maps to find locales and to explore, plus with that, the paper map was basically thrown out the window for good. But I personally don’t see the fun in the tech, as I enjoy making my own maps. It has become a hobby of mine to drive out to remote areas plus just beginning exploring plus mapping everything down. I mark all the interesting finds or landmarks down, plus I even found some hidden spots that I named. 1 of my most interesting finds was a partially underwater cave. It was an aged cave, with natural waterfalls plus partially submerged under water. As much as I wanted to explore it, I knew nothing about exploring caves, I had no idea where it went to, what could be in it or how sturdy it was, and plus, I’ve heard far too various stories of people getting lost plus dying in those caves. Maybe cave exploring will be placed on my bucket list, but for now I need to transfer on. After exploring the forest plus a hilly area, I decided to head beach house plus finish my map tomorrow. It was fairly cold out, so I laid in my nice moderate bed plus loved the heat from my furnace. It was incredibly toasty inside my house, plus after taking a short nap, I made a warm chocolate plus loved my toasty furnace. I did have to briefly go outside to get the mail, despite the fact that I surely quickened my pace to get back in front of my heater. I’m cheerful that I had my heating device repaired, so now I can like a nice moderate house all winter.

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