Helping my father’s shoe supplier keep cool

This has worked more than a few times, plus I even made some sales on my own

To save up for a new car, I helped out with my dad’s shoe business. It’s a family business, my Dad works as the main shoe salesperson, my sister is the cashier, plus me as the shoe shiner. My father mainly just stocks & stores the shoes. I legitimately disliked shoe shining, but if it helped me reach my funding goal for a car quicker, then count me in. I mainly stayed in the back of the store, shining shoes, so I usually miss the few interesting stuff that did happen. I did however have one single benefit, which is being right next to the furnace! Up north, the winters are harsh, so to sit right next to the furnace all of the time was great. The rest of my family was up at the front, right beside the cold outdoors. The heat also provided me an occasion to make a wonderful salesman, as a whole lot of people would venture towards the furnace plus look at shoes there, plus I am given an opportunity to point out some of our best a singles. This has worked more than a few times, plus I even made some sales on my own. This made my father proud, plus he then provided me a raise every time I am successful, which I am incredibly thankful for. Since I was right besides the heating device, I also warned my father when it started acting funny, plus he was luckily able to repair it before any major issues occurred. I finally was promoted to being a salesman, plus I also finally saved up for my new car.

Heating tune up