Going back to the good old ways

I grew up down in the good ole south so I was barefoot nearly our entire childhood.

I easily can remember particularly fighting our mom about wearing any shoes to go to school.

I just hated shoes because I was so used to running around constantly barefoot. Our winters were mild plus the Heating plus central A/C heat pump was on only occasionally. But even then, whenever it possibly was feasible, those shoes were coming off. Then, I went off to attend school, married a guy from the north plus suddenly, bare feet weren’t in our projected future so much. Every one of us settled down near his family so, eventually I had some getting used to Winter cold to do. It’s been 25 years later, plus while I have gotten somewhat accustomed over the years to oil furnaces, snow, ice plus many months of cold, I never got used to winter though. The largest thing, looking back on it all, was the fact that I can never just go around barefoot even in the house with the heat blaring. Well, that is about to change because every one of us finally are building a new house that encourages more bare feet. Now that all the teenagers are out of the nest, our partner plus I are finally building a much smaller home together. Every one of us plan to be there for the duration. The new little house has a geothermal Heating plus central A/C which heats plus cools the house using the earth’s near constant underground temperature. The beauty space of this deal is the heat is quickly transferred using hot water flowing through copper tubes underneath the boards of the floor. I can’t wait to spend our retirement years completely barefoot all year long!

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