Removing the humidity was all that was needed

Often times, when people are feeling uncomfortably warm it has more to do with the amount of moisture in the air instead of the temperature.

It can be as warm as eighty degrees but if the humidity is low, you can feel very comfortable.

This is why when people move to the Southwest they always say it is a “dry heat”. I am not sure I agree with the fact that one hundred degrees is comfortable without humidity but I get their point. In my own home I have found that simply turning on the dehumidifier on a warm summer day eliminates the need for the air conditioner. In fact, when I run the entire system the house actually feels too cold in some cases. Simply removing excess moisture is really all that is needed. When I had my new HVAC system installed I made sure to add on a powerful dehumidifier that could be operated independently. I know that the regular AC removes moisture too but it also artificially cools the air. I don’t really like going from the temperature outside to a freezing cold house. I would set the temperature to seventy but on a ninety degree day it felt like I was walking into an ice box. I found that simply running a dehumidifier, at the time a portable one, seemed to make it cool but tolerable. Not everyone agrees with this and most people just like the air conditioning and that is fine too. I did find that using this device saved me money during the summer months to so it could be worth looking into for your own home.

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