Where is the HVAC tech when you need one?

I am so much in love with my husband, but I’m not sure if I can handle his need to fix everything in the house.

He really isn’t the best handyman that ever lived. He doesn’t even come close to being a good handyman. I felt sorry for him a couple of weeks ago. He was outside trying to fix a problem with the ventilation pipe for my stove. He had no idea how to clean it out, but he really tried. Somehow a couple of bees had got inside and they were building a nest. I ended up needing to take him to the hospital because of the bee stings he sustained. Right now, he is outside with the air conditioning. I happened to tell him that the air conditioning unit hadn’t turned on that morning. Before breakfast was over, he was outside with his tools. He had the entire air conditioning unit torn apart. I picked up the phone and called the HVAC company. I knew that before he was done, I was going to need them here to fix the air conditioning unit. Two hours later, my husband was frustrated and sitting at the table wondering what he had done wrong, when the doorbell rang. I showed the HVAC tech to the air conditioning unit. He was able to put it back together and he put batteries in the thermostat. I thought it may be the batteries when I mentioned anything to my husband. He was outside and he had the AC unit torn apart even before I had a chance to say anything about the thermostat having a problem.