Tighten Up plus Cover Up for Heating plus Air Conditioning Summer Efficiency

This is the section of the year I find to be the toughest to get through.

It may sound like I’m whining because I am, in fact, whining.

But, that’s what this time of year does to me. It is the deepest point of Summer with fall still at least 5 weeks or more away. This doesn’t seem like all that much. Why don’t I just turn the Heating plus Air Conditioning cooling program up plus close our mouth? I suppose it’s because I can’t afford to turn the air conditioner up any higher plus I am particular that I have at least a single more enormous utility bill to spend money after this coming a single. I dislike having to spend money so much money to simply cool our home. Our Heating plus Air Conditioning is not unbelievable but it is still running. The two of us want to get at least a full year out of it before both of us upgrade it. Those things are lavish so we’ve been saving for 2 years plus need a single more full year. Instead of whining about the heat plus the steep energy costs, perhaps I will get a bit more proactive instead. I truly took a look online for some DIY tips to lower our Summer energy consumption. It all starts with the house. The home has to be tight. That means sealing all the cracks or holes on the exterior of the house. All the old weatherstripping on the doors also need to be upgraded. The more treated air kept inside the house, the less the Heating plus Air Conditioning has to run. The other simple tip is to simply cover up all the window that get direct sunlight. I suppose I can get to these 2 things now while it’s still hot.


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