No giving AC should be a crime

Sometimes we seem to put bad memories to the back of our mind, because they are so painful to think about.

  • It seems that when you are with someone you trust, those memories seem to come back.

I love that my husband and I are able to share our worst memories and how it always makes us feel better. During one of our talks, I realized that my husband had a less than happy life when he was growing up. His childhood was pretty miserable from what he told me. He told me that they didn’t have air conditioning most of the time. I don’t remember a time when we didn’t have air conditioning in our home. We always had the air conditioner running to keep us cool and comfortable. My husband grew up in the same area that I grew up in. I couldn’t understand how they couldn’t have air conditioning like we had. My husband told me that they always had air conditioning. Whenever he disappointed his parents or made them angry, they would lock him in his room without any air conditioning. I couldn’t figure how this would happen when every room had an air vent. He said they had Zone Control in his home. The only thing is that his parents had his thermostat in their room. They would turn the thermostat off so no air conditioning would go to his room. I thought this was the cruelest thing I had ever heard and my heart was crying for the little boy who sat in that hot bedroom for two days.

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