No comfort during the heatwave

It seems that summer always brings out the worst in everyone.

  • The sun is relentless and it causes more discomfort than that of the heat.

There is the added wear and tear on the air conditioner as you try to use the cooling air to soothe the sunburn that comes from the summer sun. There is also all of the humidity that comes with the sun pulling the moisture from the lakes and streams. I have even suffered from sunstroke a couple of times. The worst part of summer is that I am going through the latest heatwave without any air conditioning. I was hoping nothing would happen to the air conditioning unit, but I should have known better. I knew that there could be something wrong with the air conditioning unit. A couple months earlier we had a really bad storm and the air conditioning unit took it pretty hard. It was hit with the wind and there was a lot of hail. I guess I should have called the HVAC company, but I thought my AC unit could withstand anything. Now, I am sitting here without any air conditioning, waiting for my HVAC technician and sweating so badly that I feel like I may faint. I’m fearing that if the HVAC technician doesn’t show up soon, they may come in and find me in a puddle of goo. I feel that without the air conditioning unit I may even expire. I’m glad the HVAC company told me they would be there in about an hour, because I couldn’t handle much more than that.

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