My air conditioning unit stinks

Even before I moved into my home, I knew there was an odd odor in the house.

  • I really didn’t know where the odor was coming from, but I knew it was going to get worse if I didn’t soon get it fixed.

I was thinking that it could possibly be because of all of the shrubbery that was surrounding the air conditioning unit. I knew that it couldn’t possibly be getting enough air to make it work well. I was always seeing a lot of dust around the house. I knew thermostat was in bad condition because the temperature is always off. It doesn’t even turn the air conditioning on until it gets almost eighty degrees inside. I had someone tell me that if there was something wrong with the ductwork, it was also going to make the house smell funny. I knew I just wanted to do everything I could to improve the air quality. I called the HVAC company and I had them install a new thermostat and clean the ductwork. I wanted to have them clean the air conditioning unit, but I knew I had to get rid of the shrubbery first. While they were cleaning the ductwork, I took care of the shrubbery and I was already hearing and smelling a difference from the AC unit. As soon as it was cleaned, I noticed a definite change in my air quality. The funny smell that was in my house was coming from a lack of airflow. The shrubbery was making the AC unit try to work harder and it burned out the blower motor. I’m really glad we were able to improve the air quality.
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