I need to find a really good window air conditioner.

I wonder if everyone gets as upset as I do when they go to buy a summer item and all you can find is fall and winter items. I have gone to buy a lawnmower and I find snow blowers where the lawnmowers were. I went to buy a new swimsuit this week and they had the fall collection in its place. What part of ‘it is still summer’ do they not understand. My window air conditioning unit quit working and there wasn’t a single air conditioner to be found. It seems that the air conditioners have been all over for the last month, but the moment I need to buy one, there are none to be found. It’s funny, because earlier this summer, I was able to find a really good electric space heater for a really good price. The space heater has a high efficiency rating and a lot of safety features. There is one feature that keeps the portable furnace from overheating. It has a real thermostat and there is also a tip over feature. Should the portable furnace tip over, it will shut down. I can find a portable furnace in the summer, but I can’t find an air conditioning unit? I have a real problem with this one. It seems that all of the seasons are being rushed. The way they keep moving them ahead, I guess in a couple of years, we’ll be buying next year’s summer items in the early fall and Christmas shopping will begin as soon as the Christmas clearance sales end. What a wacky way to do business.

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