I need better air quality

This year, the weather has really been horrible.

It is always hot and humid in the south, but this year I have had to put up with the humidity in the house.

It isn’t even the heat and humidity that has me upset, but it is the odor that is in the house. I don’t know if it is from my pets, the dust or the pollen that is in the air, but there is a horrible odor and it is making me sick. I need to get my air quality back to where it should be, or I will be in the hospital. I can’t breathe half the time, and I need to have something done so I can feel better. I know that there are some things I can do to help the air quality. I can find different air filter and I can install an air purification system into the house. I looked at the cost of the air purification system and I decided to call the HVAC company first. I knew that sometimes mold can form in the HVAC ductwork. The humidity and the lack of airflow can actually cause the mold to form and if you don’t have the ductwork cleaned and sanitized, you can get sick. When I figure out if it is the ductwork needing cleaned, I may consider getting the air purifier. I think it all depends on if the ductwork cleaning makes my allergies quit acting up. I’ll need to have to wait to install the air purifier for a while because what it costs to have my ductwork cleaned is going to take all the money I have saved.


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