I love our new gas furnace

We all have our hardships that we go through in life.

Like most people, I have lived through many, but the last one was the worst I have had to live through. I went through weeks at a time where I have gone without power. Storms roll through our area and they always seem to take out the power lines. That was a piece of cake compared to my latest hardship. Because of a shortage of funds, I went almost the entire winter without a furnace. I knew my gas furnace was old and I also knew that I needed to have it replaced. I was unable to replace it this year, and I was hoping that the furnace would hold together for just one more season. My hopes and prayers went unanswered. Within a month, the furnace broke and there was no fixing it. I was happy that I had a fireplace, but I was really leary of using it. I was afraid to leave it burning when no one was home, or when we were in bed. I would wait until the last possible moment and then I would allow it burn out before I went to bed. I hoped the heat would last through the night, but I had to worry about pipes freezing, more than once. I know my family wasn’t happy about all of this, but I couldn’t afford the new furnace. Last week, we had the new furnace installed. We are excited to have some heat and we were told this new furnace would be more efficient and it would cost less money to run.


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