A new HVAC company has come to town

I live in a small neighborhood.

It is the same town that I grew up in and it only has one HVAC company. For the last several years, the HVAC company has become very greedy. The have upped the costs of their parts and services. They charge extremely high prices for their HVAC equipment and the installation. There wasn’t anything kosher about the way they did business, but the closest HVAC company that would come to our area, was twenty miles away and we had to pay for the mileage, travel time, and more expensive service charges. Then, last week, we had a surprise. They told us that another HVAC company was coming to town. They weren’t actual HVAC technicians, but they were a group of contractors who could do everything. They had a couple of men who specialized in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Because of there being a new HVAC technical team, the older HVAC company suddenly tried dropping some of their prices so they could compete. The contracting company dropped their prices for heating, and air conditioning work, which meant the HVAC company had to drop their again. They were soon down to where most other HvAC companies were. The end result was that they kept all of their customers and the new company had gained a group of faithful customers for themselves. Thanks to gaining a new group of people who have heating, ventilation and air conditioning capabilities, everyone has won. We now have a choice of who to go to and we don’t need to worry about getting robbed with high prices.

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