Why do they call it that?

Cryotherapy is the use of freezing to increase collagen production.

  • In cryotherapy, you can slim, tone, or even achieve pain management or weight loss.

If you happen to be rich enough, you can now even purchase your own cryotherapy equipment for use in your own home. In all reality, cryotherapy has been around for several years. You have the masks that are filled with liquid. After being refrigerated or frozen, you lay the mask over your eyep for several hours to reduce puffiness plus darkness that is around the eyep. A simple ice pack to take swelling down is also a form of cryotherapy. Bio-freeze is a gel that is applied to sore areas. It causes a sensation of freezing plus helps to relieve the pain plus inflammation to the joint. This is also a form of cryotherapy. I am sure that several people have used TENS machines after having an injury. They even use the TENS equipment in the chiropractor’s office plus it is also a form of cryotherapy. Recently I was looking into a way to reduce the fat around our stomach. I have a lot of flab going on after having more than three children plus now that I am getting older, I guess I would just magically have it disappear. I saw an advertisement for a company that was using ice to sculpt the body. They put you in a sit up equipment plus you went into the equipment naked. They suddenly dropped the temperature down to a temperature that was well below zero plus then brought the temperature back up. They said it was cryotherapy, but I thought it sounded like torture.


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