Too much heating making me tired

When you make a mistake and have your heating on too high, it can cause all kinds of problems. Not only your energy bills going through the roof, but if you are anything like me, it can make you extremely tired and feel like you’re going to die! I did this once by accident when it was below zero outside and snowing. I had my heating system cranked so high. The intention was to only have it blasting just long enough to heat up the entire house pretty quick. But, I got involved in doing something else and totally forgot it was cranked! I ended up creating the inside of a furnace in my house! This was probably the only time in my life I ever went and cranked the central air conditioning on when it was below 0 outside! Right before I would have probably passed out from the heating being too high, I jacked that thermostat on the wall down to 60 degrees on the air conditioning, and let it blast! It took about 15 minutes or so, but I was finally getting the air quality and the indoor temperature under control. At that point, I shut off the central HVAC system all together, let it get to about 70 degrees, and then I turned the central heating back on set at 72. That made things right again. Ever since that day I made the stupid mistake of cranking my central heating system to quickly warm up the house, I am always aware of what I am doing, and I never pulled a trick like that again.


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