Talk about your childhood home and the heater/air conditioner you had.

I grew up in a beautiful neighborhood in the suburbs with lots of kids and many things to do to keep busy.

Our house was the perfect size for our small family with a nice backyard with a pool that made summer vacation perfect! All of this was the perfect set for hundreds of amazing childhood memories.

Life was a simpler time then. It wasn’t an uncommon thing to be a little warm at night when sitting inside. Infact, it was almost odd to close all the windows and doors to turn on the air conditioning. There were no big HVAC units to avoid when running through backyards at night playing hide and seek. It wasn’t until I was in my teens that I realized that there were people out there that didn’t have to be uncomfortable at night. So here I stand, several years later fortunate to be able to buy the house I grew up in and the first call I make is to the HVAC service to set up and appointment for them to come out and get us set up with some air conditioning. The HVAC technician was very friendly and efficient in making sure that we were set up without any other questions and knew exactly how to use the air conditioning unit. They even set up a free service call with us after a few months out to make sure that the unit meeting our needs and offered a discount rate to clean the duct work to make sure we got the most out of our new purchase. Needless to say I am a rather big fan of the HVAC industry for making me feel so comfortable in my new home.

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