Talk about trying to do a heating repair and not having success.

Not everyone is a handyman by nature.

Each person had their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to helping out around the house.

Take my husband for example. The gardens and the backyard in summer look amazing. He takes pride in being able to share all the vegetables that we grow with our family and friends. Need something welded? He’s all over it! However, when it comes to big house fixes he isn’t as well versed. In the middle of the holiday season our furnace started to act funny and the heat wouldn’t kick on as often as it should. I went down and checked that the pilot light was lit as that’s about all I know about a heating. It wasn’t. He decided that rather than call the furnace repair company he would just try himself and use the help of online videos. Thinking that it might just be the furnace igniter I went along with it. Well that went all sorts of wrong and with a few failed trips to the store for parts and filters there we were without a working furnace. We found a deal in one of those coupon packs that comes in the mail and called them right away. The HVAC service was very helpful in sending out a technician the next day. We learned a lot about the heating and cooling industry that week as we decided if we were going to spend the money we might as well upgrade to a new furnace with an air conditioning unit as well. We also learned that inside work is better left to the professionals!