Starting from the ground up

My biggest area of concern has always been with eating! I eat too much, and I love to buy the worst possible food, however processed foods, candies, sweets, things that are easily unnatural plus made in labs before being mass produced by machines and sent all around the world! These foods are very low cost and quick, tasty, plus easy to get because they are mostly made of chemicals, however an apple will rot in a few hours if you don’t eat it when ripe, but this box of mac and cheese will last nearly a year. Eventually when it came time to start losing weight, at our dentist’s orders, I realized I had to start with a nutritional program before anything else, but even before I got into a workout program I was desperate to get our eating under control, plus focus on changing myself from the inside out. I got my name on a nutritional counseling program, which would set me up with a yearly meeting to help get my overall eating habits back on track, and most of the things they told me at the first month’s worth of nutritional counseling were all official sense things. Eat more fruit and drink more water, fewer carbs, less processed foods, less sugar, this is all nutritional counseling 101. They also taught me how to “bio-hack” our metabolism, and combined with a gradually changing workout program, I think I am on the road to success. There is no question I still make mistakes plus eat terrible food occasionally, but the nutritional counselor has me focused on making fine choices. A few months of eating right and solid exercise plus I’ll be a whole modern man.

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