My parents’ problems with their central air conditioning

My siblings and I often joke about the dysfunction of our family, but I suspect that every family has its own dysfunctions.

Other families probably have their own obnoxious uncle, histrionic aunt, a brother that steals the show, a mooching cousin, etc.

But sometimes the things that our parents do (or don’t do) drive us crazy. For example, one of us will get a call that there’s something wrong with their central air conditioning system because the house isn’t cooling down as it should. But without fail, we will discover that they’ve moved a piece of furniture over the either the supply vent or the return vent. And it’s not the first time that they’ve done it. We’ve explained that both vents need to be free for airflow. The supply vents blow the cooled air into the home and return vents pull the hot air out of the home. They seem to understand the concept when it’s explained to them – until the next time they decide to rearrange the furniture.

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