My mom keeps the air conditioning on in her car for hours because of her dogs

I love my mom so much.

She is a trooper.

She has had quite a hard life, and I cannot imagine how she manages to go through it always wearing a smile. She encourages me every single time that I see her. She does not even have to say a word; she just smiles at me and makes my day better. We kids have been out of the house for years now, so my mom got some dogs to keep her company. They are literally like her children now. She spends thousands upon thousands of dollars each year on her dogs. She has three dogs, and she takes them with her wherever she goes. I cannot imagine how much money she spends of fuel because she leaves her car running with the air conditioner on for hours for her dogs. Every Sunday, she comes to church about an hour early, so she ends up staying for about three hours, and the entire time her car is running with the air conditioning on. I asked her why she does not just leave her dogs at home while she is at church, and she said that it is too hot in the house when she is gone because she turns the temperature up to seventy-five degrees to save money on electricity. I just laughed and went on. I guess she is not going to ever change. She truly believes that her dogs need air conditioning 24/7. It is quite humorous. I love my mom so much, but the whole dog and air conditioning thing is a little weird to me. Needless to say, her dogs have a pretty good life.

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