Mom got a free trial gym membership

My mom hasn’t been active for a long time.

As she’s gotten older, her metabolism started to slow down, and her energy decreased.

It became very easy for her to become sedentary. It snuck up on her over the years, until recently she realized she wanted to change her ways. Sitting on the couch after work was all my mom would do. It wasn’t something she was proud of anymore. Once my mom realised this, she immediately made a call and reached out to a buddy of hers, who was working as a personal fitness trainer at a local gym. My mom didn’t have a gym membership, and hadn’t done exercised in several years, so she started off intimidated. Her friend calmed her down and invited her to come to the gym the next day. She was going to give her a free personal fitness class to see if she liked it. She said she was starting my mom off with the basic, remedial fitness class. If my mom weren’t so out of shape, I’m sure she would have taken offense. She knew deep down that this was the right fitness class for the level she was at. It wasn’t a very long class, but it was more exercise then she’d experienced in a few years. She was wiped out.