Living in a cold part of the country can be a hassle at times

I love living up north.

It is quite chilly up here, and that is what appealed to me.

I lived a few states south for about three years of my life, and that was enough for me. I do not like the warm weather and the high levels of humidity. It was so humid down there that we had to use dehumidifiers 24/7 on top of using air conditioning. It was just too much heat and humidity for my liking. I have lived up north for about ten years now, and I love it. Although it is really nice not having to worry about all of the heat and humidity, winters here can be quite a hassle. We have had two furnaces go out on us in the past ten years. I do not know if it is just our bad luck or if the weather is really that rough on our furnaces. We have to use space heaters throughout our house on top of using the furnace because the furnace just cannot seem to keep up with the cold. The super cold winter weather is from December through February. Before December and after February, it is not as bad. I would still rather deal with trying to keep the house warm rather than trying to deal with trying to keep the house cool enough. The only thing that really gets me is the dryness. The air gets super dry during the wintertime, and it is almost impossible to keep my skin hydrated. I put tons of oils, serums, and lotions on just to keep my skin feeling somewhat normal. Overall, I enjoy living up north, even if it’s hard at times.



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