It’s difficult to Walk the Dog in Summer But A/C Helps

Since I live in the south, I am able to admit and express with some authority the overwhelming nature of the heat in our area.

It is a challenge to do anything outdoors, so all those advertisements you see with people out doing any number of outdoorsy activities in our state is just a bunch of nonsense.

Any permanent resident will admit as much. I, for one, do not even like to walk my dog between May and September. Nonetheless, she asks to go out and do her business and walk off a little energy, and that is when I truly love my air conditioning. The a/c is really helpful when it comes to motivating me to do what I have to do. If I had to walk the dog, go to the mailbox, or walk all the way from the parking lot to the store without the promise of awaiting a/c, I would not do it. Even as a kid, I always preferred indoor activities. I like to read in the a/c, watch tv in the air conditioning, cook when there is and air conditioner to help keep me cool while doing it, and especially sleep in comfort with a/c. Are there things you don’t like to do if there is no a/c to entice you along? I am sure that my dog appreciates her walk even if I do it grudgingly, so I try to keep my eye on the prize – spending time with my feet propped up right next to the a/c air vents!


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