I have to have an air conditioner running in my room in order to get a good night’s rest

I have always found getting enough sleep to be a difficult task.

My mom and dad were both night owls, and they rarely went to bed before midnight. They did not put us kids to bed until around eleven o’clock. This created a bad sleep pattern for me because I had to be up by six in the morning for school. I never felt rested. When I started high school, I realized that I need more sleep. I tried for months to go to bed earlier, but it was no use. I simply could not fall asleep before midnight no matter how long I laid there with the lights off and very little noise. It was very annoying to me that I could not figure out how to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest. I slept over at a friend’s house one night, and to my surprise, I fell asleep around ten o’clock and slept in until eight o’clock the next morning. I could not believe it. One thing that I noticed in her room was an air conditioner. She kept the air conditioner on all throughout the night, and I wondered if that was what helped me sleep so well. I wanted to try it out before I bought an air conditioner for myself, so I asked her if I could borrow her air conditioner for one night. She only lived a few houses down the road, and she did not mind letting me use it for a night. I used it, and I slept very well in my own bedroom. I was so amazed that an air conditioner had solved all of my sleep issues. Ever since then, I have had an air conditioner in my bedroom to help me sleep.
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