Fixing it

As frustrating as it can be, at least this ‘fix’ doesn’t cost anything. Or they’ll adjust the programmable thermostat, after which disastrous results occur. One time, the features on the display were appearing erratically, if at all. Instead of changing the battery on the thermostat, they keep pushing different buttons to see if it will make the features suddenly appear. By the time one of us can get to their home and change the battery, they have completely altered the schedule and the temperature settings on the thermostat. Finally, they insist on turning the system on and off whenever the external temperature varies. I checked with an HVAC contractor who advised that this causes extra wear and tear on the system. The best advice he could give on adjusting temperatures inside as a result of outside temperatures was to follow the directions in the manual that came with the programmable thermostat. Patience is the best policy for us as we relate to some of the frustrating habits of our parents.


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